CDL Disqualification Letter Florida DMV

Did you get a CDL Medical Certification Expiration Notice from the Florida DHSMV in the mail?

This letter from the Florida DMV must be taken very seriously!  If you do not get your DOT Physical, then your commercial driver’s license will be suspended.  Call us for an immediate appointment.  We take care of the rest for you!  Yes, you can get a citation for driving your own vehicle with a suspended/disqualified CDL.

Disqualfication Letter Options

CDL Disqualification Letter from Florida DHSMV

The Florida DHSMV automatically generates a letter when a CDL Medical Examiner’s Certificate expires.  The letter says Commercial Drivers will have their CDL privileges suspended if they do not update their Medical Certification or surrender their CDL for a Class E license.  You may or may not receive this letter.  Whether you receive the letter or not, the state will suspend your CDL if you do not have an updated medical examination.

Many drivers in Florida have been issued citations for driving while their CDL is disqualified which has resulted in mandatory court appearances and fines of up to $250.00.

I received the Medical Certification Expiration Notice after I have already updated my DOT Physical Medical Card.  What do I need to do?

If you receive the letter from the DMV after we issued your DOT Medical Certificate, then you may disregard that letter. You are should have your CDL Medical Exam 45-60 days prior to expiration.  Either way, disregard that letter.

What happens if I do not update my DOT Card/Medical Examiner’s Certificate before the date in the letter?

Your CDL will be disqualified.  You will be required to either surrender your CDL for a Florida Class E license; or,
If you want to retain your CDL you will be required to pay a reinstatement fee.

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