DOT Drug Test

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DOT 5 Panel Drug Urine Collection and Breath Alcohol Testing

We offer DOT Federal 5 panel required Drug Urine Collections and on-site Breath Alcohol Testing for safety-sensitive employees who are subject to drug and alcohol testing in the following situations:

• Pre-employment.
• Reasonable suspicion/Cause.
• Random.
• Return-to-duty.
• Follow-up.
• Post-Accident.

We also do non-DOT 10 panel Drug Urine collection.

DOT Drug Test services: DOT Physicals Plus is a Veteran-owned small business offering on-site DOT compliant drug urine collections and alcohol testing.  You will have a single location for you to manage your drug-free workplace and employee physical needs. Drivers and employees do not have to go to multiple locations and or endure long wait times to be seen.

We are DOT certified in Drug Urine Collections and certified as Breath Alcohol Technicians.  Our alcohol testing unit is DOT compliant and calibration is regularly verified.  Additionally, our Breath Alcohol Technician has prior service in law enforcement performing literally countless breath alcohol tests.  Our technicians know techniques unique to trained law enforcement officers that further reduce inaccurate testing so you can rest assured your tests are accurate and being performed properly.  Because of our prior public service combined with being the first FMCSA DOT National Registry Certified Medical Examiner in South Florida, it only made sense to bring these professional services to Fort Lauderdale drivers, employees and organizations.