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Commercial Driver’s License holder is a Profession Driver

DOT Physical Exam Oakland Park Pembroke PinesOne of the things Commercial Driver’s License holders must keep in mind is that a CDL is a professional license.  Having a CDL and DOT Medical Card after passing their DOT Physical Exam affords drivers to a wider array of employment opportunities, some of which can approach and exceed a six-figure annual income.  With the increased responsibility and income potential comes responsibility.  Every profession must satisfy certain requirements mandated by law and or their profession.  An example of such a requirement is professions ranging from massage therapy to physicians and attorneys being required to satisfy continuing education requirements.

For commercial drivers, their responsibility is being required to achieve and maintain a certain level of health such that they are able to pass a fitness for duty examination (DOT Physical, DOT Medical Exam), thereby decreasing potential danger to other motorists.  Whether it is professional licensing fees, continuing education fees or fees for a driver’s fitness for duty examination, each profession should expect to have costs associated with maintaining their professional license.  Commercial drivers are no different in this respect.

DOT Certifying Medical Examiner Training Requirements

DOT Physical Exam CDL Medical Card In order to be issued, renew or maintain a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) drivers must have a current DOT Medical Examination performed by a Certified Medical Examiner.  To be a DOT FMCSA Certified Medical Examiner, physicians must now complete Federally-approved training.  Once the physician has completed the training, they must then pass a rigorous medical skills written examination to become a DOT Certified Medical Examiner.

As a Commercial Driver’s License holder, you probably well know by now that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has implemented a host of regulations for both drivers and for DOT Medical Examiners (including occupational health doctors) and is now ensuring compliance on the state level in every state in the nation.

The FMCSA has ensured providers and the public they will audit Certified Medical Examiners to ensure they are in compliance and performing a COMPLETE DOT MEDICAL EXAMINATION on each of the drivers they certify; The FMCSA may also REVOKE the certification of the Medical Examiner if they are not in compliance.  With that, DOT Certified Medical Examiners are fully expected to perform a complete DOT physical (Medical Examination) on each driver they certify or the Medical Examiner will lose their DOT Medical Certification.

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