Florida CDL Self Certification

Florida CDL Self-Certification

You paper certificate is valid for 15 days. You must self-certify within 15 days of receiving your DOT Medical Certificate.

Florida CDL Self-Certification is done by your Certified Medical Examiner’s Office upon completion of your DOT Physical.  The Medical Examiner will assist you in determining your certification category if you have any doubt.

If your CDL Medical Examiner failed to provide you with this service, then you were short-changed – you can thank them by not returning next time!  This is not something you should have to worry about concern yourself with; though if it is not done your commercial driving privileges will be affected – so live and learn…

If your CDL self-certification is not received by the state prior to midnight on your expiration date, a CDL downgrade CDL disqualification letter will automatically be sent to you.  We have posted a sample CDL Disqualification Notice here with further explanation.

Florida CDL Medical Certification Registration may be done (1) through the DOT Physicals Plus exclusive state-interfaced system (located inside the main building of the 595 Travel Center); or (2) by presenting your DOT Medical Examiner’s Certificate in person at the DHSMV or Tax Collector’s Office.  See below for details.

(1) Florida CDL Self Certification at DOT Physicals Plus: We are located inside the 595 Truck Stop in Davie, FL.

(2) Florida CDL Self Certification In Person:  If you wish to self-certify in person, you may do so by taking your Medical Examiner’s Certificate to a Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) office.  A county tax collector’s office will charge a service fee.

When you Self-Certify at the Florida DMV, your DOT Physician should have advised you which certification category is appropriate for you.  If they did not make time to go through your certification with you, you may want to keep that in mind next time when selecting your DOT Physical doctor.  This is entire process is something you should not have to be doing. DOT Physicals+ physicians and staff ensure our CDL (and non-CDL) drivers are taken care of from beginning to expiration, including sharing important DOT FMCSA updates.

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